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This one takes the cake…my Favorite


Cool Cat


Say it with Your Chest


Spirit Animals


“Baaal” as in Bawling


Kicks Must Stay Clean


Grace Jones?


Penitentiary Vibes


Fonts on Fonts on Fonts


Nails Did


WordArt Could Never


On a recent trip to Jamaica, I came across the work of an amazing artist. His name — Wilfred Limonious, also known as the “Father of Dancehall Art”. I became curious about how much work he produced and how many other artists exist in Jamaica with this beautiful talent to create raw, original illustrations that represent our culture so well. Luckily, Google came through in my search for more imagery. I felt like I found a pot of gold at the end of a green, black, and yellow rainbow.
Inspiration by: Shari Gayle

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The Rosy Lion, by Liubasha Rose