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Andaz Wailea--arrival at it's best!

Andaz Wailea–arrival at it’s best!

Happy Velentino clad feet in  the perfect sand.

Happy Valentino clad feet in the perfect sand.


Follow me...

Follow me…


These colors made me fall in love.

These colors made me fall in love.


Palms reflected in the sand...

Palms reflected in the sand…

IMG_6568 IMG_6618

Anticipating sunset.

Anticipating sunset.

IMG_6641 IMG_6663

The pool at Andaz, Wailea

The pool at Andaz, Wailea


Gorgeous infinity pools at the Andaz.

Gorgeous infinity pools at the Andaz.

IMG_6739 IMG_6898

One of the most amazing things that I get to do for my job is to travel and experience different environments, built and found.  Earlier this summer, I got to check out the beautiful Andaz, Wailea.  I have to admit, I went into this trip exhausted from previous travel, overworked, stressed and otherwise ill tempered.  It’s hard to express the pacifying affect it had on me.  Jet lag from NY has it’s benefits–I woke up before sunrise for 3 days in a row and savored the sunsets before curling up with a book [laptop] in my room.  The resort was great.  Nicely designed by Rockwell Group, it hits the perfect note of comfortable luxury and cheeky fun (the huge sand pit in the lobby framed by an overscale wood trellis totally sets the tone).  Because I work on hotel uniforms myself, I have hawk eyes for staff ‘looks’.  Here, I was really impressed with the women–they all wore long silk flowy dresses with Hawaiian patterns in various shades of blue.  Verry pretty.

In general–it’s very clear that people [guests, employees, locals..all] are very happy here.  It’s that kind of place.

But in this moment in time, on this trip–I made a point to keep to myself.  I felt like a character out of a novel–traveling to a distant paradise, discovering a new landmass, a new landscape and falling in love with an island-lost-at-sea.  I know Hawaii is by no means remote and 20 min drive from the resort you tumble right back into ‘America’, but I was alone, I had a suite to myself and I had wine.  It didn’t hurt that the trip coincided with that huge red super moon.  My introverted cancer soul was appeased and I look forward to going back, maybe sharing the experience with someone next time…

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The Rosy Lion, by Liubasha Rose