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Water Scrolls in Green

Three large works on paper for Rose Ink Workshop Lobby design of Ellipse Luxury Apartment Building in Jersey City. Glimpse into process by clicking on any of the images above.

Painting is a super physical activity! Many people don’t realize the endurance and stamina required to create beautiful, physical objects…especially of large scale. You’ll spot one of the many mini Yoga sessions that take place in the studio during a painting project.

Music selection is key in the studio! I find that chosen vibrations enter into the work itself and live on in its surface and mark. Inspired by one of my favorite Yoga Teachers and Cultural Anthropologists, Aimee Meredith Cox, I selected from her Spotify playlist FIRE ’18. You’ll hear a sample of tracks in Ellipse Video.

Thank you to Liubasha Rose, Creative Director of ROSE INK WORKSHOP for inspiring opportunity to add beauty and color to her Lobby Design in Ellipse. Photos, Paintings and Post by Danielle H. Friedman

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The Rosy Lion, by Liubasha Rose