Searching for the beautiful and the sublime. Sometimes finding it. Being inspired by it. Attempting to capture it. Hoping to participate in creating it.

The Rosy Lion

The Rosy Lion stared 5 years ago as a design journal for me at a time when I felt a little disconnected from my own personal aesthetic. Now it has turned into an outlet for Rose Ink Workshop designers to express themselves. It shows a mix of design work, collaborations with others, a diary of images that feel relevant at that moment, that inspire us…move us, travel photos, new discoveries..etc.


i think that…

bookshelves full of books are beautiful
colors and patterns shine in an animated conversation with each other
lilacs are dizzying
keeping tobacco in a persian slipper is chic
there is no ugly wood in design, only ugly varnish
you can’t judge a book by it’s cover… but you can judge the graphic designer
shoes are a personality barometer


The Rosy Lion

i love…

objects that serve no purpose, other than aesthetic pleasure
orange and pink roses
the unpretentious chic and utilitarian longevity of daisies
the naughtiness of textures in white
restaurants that hum with the energy of a thousand fireflies
“hospitality” in the slavic table sense
the limitless creative capacity of fantasy channeled into a purpose with parameters
parsley and dill
folk art…..folklore

the thoughtful elegance of grey

spaces that function

i need…

a book and a nook in which to decompress

The Rosy Lion

The Rosy Lion

The Rosy Lion does not own or imply to own any of the images shown that are not stated to be personal photography.

The Rosy Lion, by Liubasha Rose